„Live Ginful“

Our story begins on a business trip to the Balearic Islands. Sunshine, pleasant weather, nice temperatures, the sound of the sea, screaming seagulls. What else do we need? A gin tonic for example. So, the idea was born to create our own natural gin. At the beginning, we thought, that will be fairly simple. Some herbs here and there, basic alcohol, some good distillery. Well, we found out soon, it`s a lot more about this.

So, we studied the science of fine spirits carefully for several month, looked out for the right people and started the business. The first step, spirits for our friends and us turned into the real substantial business. So, we founded our todays company „Junkanoo-Lifestyle “. As we enjoy fine foods, fine spirits, and fine wine, we wanted a certain quality level in our products. So, we decided to use only natural herbs, flavors and products and vodka for the base of alcohol. Besides that, sustainability is especially important for our way of life. We only wanted a natural handcrafted product, with all possibilities of careful production. The result was great. All our friends and business partners enjoyed the flavor and taste of this wonderful gin. That encouraged us to „take off“and go into international business, to provide a sensational great gin product to you people in the world. And we are really proud to have these outstanding results, staying with nature and handmade skills

Ginful enjoyment with our friends

We attach great importance to a natural product with good ingredients without preservatives or dyes. A good craft is nowadays more and more rare to find. Our concern is to revive good old craftsmanship.
Away from hectic, pressure and lack of time. Therefore, the gin also matures - so that the flavors can combine and develop well - a certain time before it comes to the bottling.

The important thing is not to give life more years, but to give the years more life.
– Alexis Carrel

The founders
Gero König

I have been an entrepreneur for over two decades and come from a sales background. For good and meaningful products I develop my passion. The product "Gin" and "Vodka" is very close to my heart. It was foreseeable that one day the need arises to make more out of a hobby.

I am passionate about cooking and have always experimented in the kitchen and on the grill. Of course, this also includes good, fine drinks. It gave me a lot of pleasure to tackle the gin adventure together with Florentine. Today we have great, noble products that have already found many lovers. With great pleasure and commitment it is my task to bring marketing & sales forward. The goal is clearly to launch even more exciting, great products. We have ideas!

Matthias Buttersack

I have been sales-oriented in companies all my life. Most recently, I built and still run a real estate company with a partner. I have also always been interested in good food and a good drop, and gin is one of my favorite drinks. Therefore, it was also natural for me to get enthusiastic about having my own good product. So it came as it had to: Gero and I decided to take the task of creating our own gin into our own hands. In the meantime, this has resulted in four excellent products. I am now looking forward to my tasks in the company, which are in the commercial area.

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