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In addition to our passion for GIN, we have also developed our enthusiasm for vodka. Vodka is a constant companion at a summer party, at events, a good meal or to celebrate in hip clubs. More and more people discover qualitative vodka for themselves. A good vodka is a must for real vodka connoisseurs and connoisseurs and is preferably drunk at longer meals or when "partying" with pleasure. In traditional countries, vodka is drunk pure. Based on this, we have a novelty for real vodka fans.

Made in Germany | Fine craftsmanship | Natural ingredients
"Sparkling Vodka" with cassis flavor

Quality vodka in the premium segment. Natural production with regional products around the distillery. Organic grapes, carbonated from a natural mineral spring. The premium vodka was distilled 5-fold and bottled by hand. With a reusable cap.

Absolutely enjoy ice cold, we have here the black currant with integrated, as well as the vodka carbonated. This gives a unique taste experience.

But beware, it is a real vodka with a fruity note of cassis and 38% alcohol by volume.

Well chilled ideal for hot summer days to various occasions where vodka may not be missing.

The bottles are limited to 1,000 pieces and are delivered in a noble outer box with numbering. This is a small special edition and therefore an opportunity to secure this unique product.

Single bottle: 700 ml
Quantity: limited up to 1,000 bottles
Alcohol content: 38% vol.

Sparkling Vodka Box of 6

Sparkling Vodka Limited Edition "One Thousand and One Nights". Our "VOZ - Cassis" Vodka has it all. Unique and limited.

Warning: Only suitable for true vodka connoisseurs and lovers. 38% alcohol volume speaks for itself.

Pleasant, floral cassis aroma and the absolute taste of 100% vodka in "Sparkling" form. Be sure to enjoy well chilled. Very refreshing. In a good summer mood recommended for our real vodka fan community. The bottles are limited to 1,000 pieces and are in a noble outer box.

Single bottle: 700 ml
One carton: content 6 bottles
Alcohol content: 38% vol.

Free with every vodka: Our delicious Cassis Liqueur!

Wonderful currant flavor in the form of a natural liqueur. Ideal both pure and for mixing long drinks. The Cassis Liqueur was especially designed for mixing with our Premium Sparkling Vodka. In combination with the cassis flavors of the vodka and the liqueur results in a full-bodied currant aroma.

The perfect complement to VOZ Vodka for a brilliant long drink mix. The creamy texture with the natural taste of cassis and the mild sweetness result in a unique taste experience. Ideal for mixing for cocktails or to enjoy the freshness pure.

We recommend checking out our long drink tip: VOZ Premium Sparking Vodka „Red Velvet“.

Our 500 ml bottle is available for purchase in our store.

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