Our sparkling wine

High quality mild and light sparkling wine. The sparkling wine is well digestible, in noble black frosted bottle. Noble look for beautiful moments. Delight yourself and your guests with this beautiful bottle and a good taste.

Made in Germany | Fine craftsmanship | Natural ingredients
Sekt ``Black Edition``
Sparkling wine „Black Edition“

Fine velvety perlage with fruity citrus notes.

A dry sparkling wine that is mild and digestible. The sparkling wine comes from well-known German wine-growing areas.

The blending of batches of wine from different grape varieties or sites makes this sparkling wine a good companion. Among the world's highest quality sparkling wines are many cuvées, so not uncommon. As a cuvée, the sparkling wine is a digestible pleasure.

For a noble appearance: In our store you can also find the matching Cups.

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